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“Glee” episode 1 – “The Purple Piano Project”

I can think of no better way to describe “Glee” than a bad relationship. Seriously. In the beginning, the sun was shining, birds were chirping, things were wonderful. I accepted it for its cheesy plots and questionable fashion choices. It loved me, even if I didn’t shave my legs. About halfway through season 1, things became a little more volatile. Characters became highly inconsistent, song choice was sketchy, plots came and went as if they were never even there. Whether you are a believer of the 3 Glees theory (I am) or are blind to the fact that show is without a doubt the most contradictory and conflicting television show out there, the amount of lingering questions heading into season 3 is, well, a lot.

Will Sue become funny again and have a purpose outside of terrorizing Will? How will the addition of 130,586 new cast members work? How will old cast members get cast aside? Will any realistic high school stories ever be covered (dances, schoolwork, driving, college, etc.)? Will Kurt ever be portrayed as less than saintly? What versions of the characters will show up? Will any stay consistent?

I could go on, but no one wants to read that.

Instead, I entered Tuesday’s season premiere with a mixture of anticipation, excitement and a levelhead ready to take on whichever “Glee” shows up.  With all the hiatus talk that promised a return to its roots, my hopes were slightly higher than I would have liked.

Did I like it? Find out after the jump.
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