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Where do we go from here?

My original intention of this blog ideally devoted all my love and attention to television – what a novel idea. TV commentating, recapping, bitching, etc. has reached Internet-overflow similar to the emo-teen Myspace boom of the early 2000s. To try to keep things fresh and interesting, I hope to pull from other realms of the pop culture spectrum – movies, music, fashion, whatever Internet meme is piquing my interest at the time (almost always a couple weeks too late so I’m never cool but ahead enough of middle America to make me feel good about myself).

For now, I’m starting with television, one show that I’ve had a solid relationship with since the beginning and one that’s just starting out.  I hope to stay interesting and witty enough for more than one day. We’ll see.



“Two and a Half Men” still reeks of misogyny, pervy jokes and cheap liquor. You can take the Charlie Sheen out of the show, but does his scent ever really go away? Apparently not.

Also, Ashton Kutcher looks like a homeless person, with a supposedly large penis, considering that’s where pretty much all the episode jokes came from.

I stopped by inquisitively and never will again.